Thursday, June 14, 2012


New James the  Vampire 6 page horror story.  Available soon in Hellbound 3: Darkness.  Available soon from Boston Comics Round Table.

†the Disappeared Volunteer†

†Stay DRE∆R†

Thursday, April 19, 2012


In the Days of the White Witch, White Witch


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

La République Chancelante

Wildboys, chapter 4 part 1

I've changed up to a .pdf download format HERE. The presentation isn't perfect but we're getting there. This chapter will contain a lot of appropriated imagery. In light of the legal climate surrounding the litigious bullying of artists by corporate entities and their government lapdogs; we here at the Mike Jack Resurrection Cult© feel the best way to fight the Copyright Mafia is through theft. So in this issue, appropriated imagery is as follows. The bottom panel on p.55 is from Godard's "Chinoise". The middle panel on p.57 is part of a contemporary news photograph. The lower right panel on p.61 is after the master, Tetsuo Hara. That's all this time. Please check back to see what other bounties we can win in the catacombs of "reality".

JAMes t. vampire
Grand Cyclops, MJRCC

Saturday, November 26, 2011

R€VجU†¡øn ®e√€NG€

Yeah you heard what I said.

the Conclusion of WILDBOYS Chapter 3, "Guerra Fria"

Rights Gang! Love's the right way! A riot in Paris in the last days of the Right Whale. Shouting, "Who says you have rights, because you haven't!"

Rights Gang! We will carry Brownings! Jumping out of windows from Skid Row to Downing St. Shouting, "Who says you have rights, because you haven't!"

Rights Gang! We begrudge it! Start a fight at the Danceland. Cops show up, we'll bounce out the back. Shouting, "Who says you have rights, because you haven't!"
It's a trap for judges.

Rights Gang! Tonight's the night! So lace em up tight gang! All through the graves, we could hear the bells. And the bells rang, "Who says you have rights, because you haven't!"

Humanists can get tossed. It's just revolution revenge Wilboy$

Note: The final frame on page 52 is to a point traced. I cannot find the photo I based the line drawing on. When I do I'll update this post with the reference info.

The Battle of Paris continues as General De Gualle flees the capitol, next time in Wildboys Part 1, Chapter 4. Stay tooned Dreeaarries.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

WILD BOYS Chapter 3, continued...


[Haven't been able to leave my hotel room all day due to the riots - crowds of youths are mobbing in the street chanting terrifying slogans - Dangerous nihilisms such as "NO ONE IS DEAD!" and "WHO NEEDS RIGHTS? NOT ME!" - Local sources see nothing good coming from the protests, now in their second week - Hoping to go see Talib tomorrow - He can get me to the border of XXXXX, maybe across - Bureau chief is an asshole - Heard a loud thud from upstairs - like someone falling - Then only a faint scrathing for a while

I think the woman who runs the hotel is stealing my mail

May 22, 20XX]

Thanx 4 reading! Stay tooned for the conclusion to WildBoys Chapter 3, Next Month!